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Hi! I was the kid in the grade 7 class who loved the Nelson Speller exercises that asked us to scan weekly list words for letter patterns, rhymes and suffixes. I was also the kid who devoured extra books provided by the librarian - King Solomon's Mines, Eagle of the Ninth, The Mouse That Roared... to supplement my daily lunchtime study of Radio Shack catalogues!

I'm no longer a card-carrying member of the Radio Shack Free Battery Club, but I still love playing with words. Here are a few of my projects that help me to stay creative while spreading the good words.

- Adrian

Welcome to the Vocabaret, my friends.... come on in and view some of the best word play from the former Wordly-Wise listserver dished up in one attractive book. I've ported publication of my current word play to my Hoadside Attractions blog. You are sure to find some challenging wordplay there most days.

Hoadworks is a proud supplier of brain-niggling wordplay to Mensa Canada's Facebook page. Mensa Canada welcomes all visitors to their page and invites you to explore whether you may be one of the 700,000 potential Canadian members! Visit their page and try your hand at Word Hold 'Em or other select Vocabaret titles.

Bookhooks - book report centre for young readers

Who says reading is dead? Young active readers from around the globe have shared their love of books in their own words and images in over 53,000 reviews on Bookhooks.com. Browse their reviews or submit your own. Share your favourite reads with a global audience!

Avocabo Vocabulary Series by Hoadworks High school students: Challenge yourself with vocabulary units from the Avocabo Series. Try our latest units, Beautiful Words, Words from the Harry Potter Series, Deadly Sinful Words, or an old standby such as Words From Around the Globe. I invite you to submit your own word lists or publish your own units! Just ask me how...

Word Hold' EmCombine the excitement and drama of Texas Hold'Em Poker and the heady challenge of Scrabble-like word-building and you have Word Hold'Em! Click on the image at right to try the print version. Play solo, or invite a friend to play head-to-head! Let me know what you think of the game!

Hoadworks' Rhyme-n-Reason@Random and Keyword servers received an Editor's Choice Award from Bonus.com.

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