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wordly websites

Hoadside Atrractions
I post new wordplay on my wordpress site in print-ready versions. Recent games include Chessnuts and Russo (named after a favourite author, Richard Russo). Enjoy the wordplay.

Blue Ox Technologies
Blue Ox is the creator of clever and infectious word games. My favourite is Moxie. Blue Ox games can be played at your own pace, and they feature multiple levels of play for the whole family. You may also enjoy 7 Little Words, Red Herring and Monkey Wrench..

One Look Dictionary Search
This simple and effective website will be of great use and interest to wordgame creators. This resource allows you to search dictionaries based on wildcard patterns and filter the results to common words and phrases. A go-to site for us!

Anagram Finder
Not your average anagram finder! ThreePirateDucks have produced a great anagramming tool that allows you to extract a chosen word out of the anagram, then presents subsequent choices remaining. This is much easier than scanning the lists that go on and on.... (recommended by Dark-Haired Dad Icon)

AWAD - The Wordserver
Anu Garg's web-niche for linguaphiles, offering A.Word.A.Day, anagrams-by-mail, dictionary definitions by mail and much more!  Sign onto Anu's listserver and pay attention -- you never know when I'll test you on his words.

Best for Puzzles
From kindred puzzler Mike Curl comes Best for Puzzles. This robust site offers solving resources and links to crosswords, codewords, word searches, jigsaws & other puzzles, games and trivia.

National Puzzlers' League
Have a look at this well-established Puzzlers' forum.

Puzzle Express
Crossword addicts will enjoy Puzzle Express.  They offer puzzle playing software, puzzles, free monthly puzzles to download and an online crossword and word search. In the near future, they hope to offer puzzles by e-mail. 

Puzzles.com - the world's best resource for puzzling on the Internet - is about Puzzles, Illusions, Tricks, Toys, and everything around all these Great, Funny, Entertaining, Intellectual and Educational Things.

Richard Lederer's Verbivore web site. Word fun and wisdom from America's prolific wordguru. Includes comprehensive word links indices.

Young Leonard and the scientists at Wordles have hooked up a variety of word manipulation machines to the Internet to provide cryptogram, word search, and words-within-words searches. Wordly links and word game book links round out the Wordles laboratory. Don't bust any beakers in the lab! And always remember to add vowels to the consonants, never the other way round!

World Wide Words
Are you callipygian? Wordsmith Michael Quinion has compiled a fascinating website--a gallimaufry of interesting words and phrases. Don't head in unless you have time to devote to a callithumpian visit with the English language! Now - what was that word for "the carousing of seamen on board Greenland whaling ships"... ??

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