Into the Wind

On yellow and blue summer days, Paul's father took Paul across green hills to a meadow void of trees, overhead lines or buildings. He would peer into the sky and stand quietly, the large box held under his arm.

Full Moon in Leo

About the elasticity of our lives... travel north with Jack.


"Eileen was determined to turn her back on it all.  Before leaving, she needed to take a last look around the house. She would not have the power to look back when she walked out the front door."

A Clump of Woops

"I have never met a stranger looking man than Mr. Blunder. It was my brother's birthday last Wednesday and I met Mr. Blunder the day before that. My Mom asked me to go to the store to get the ice cream for my brother's birthday party."

The Teleworld

"Hugh winced as the pain pinpricked the back of his eyes.  He wasn't sure what was happening on the Commercial frequencies of his telemind. Images blurred and fused amidst waves of interference; the audio feed slurred and reeled out of synch with the image."


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