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kudos from wordly fans

Dear Hoad:

I've always found your games to be most entertaining and stimulating, and I always look forward to receiving my HoadWorks e-mail. They require types of thinking that are different from most other common word puzzles. Some of them, like Word Origami and Trigram Golf, can be played by almost anyone who can read and write, but to play well, you'll have to look up some new words, hence they're educational as well.

Keep up the good work,

-- Bill Flis

Dear Mr. Hoad-Reddick,

The weekly Uncommon word contest is terrific. I'm enjoying it and have got my husband hooked, too. Please keep up the good work.

-- Jane Hinckley

I would like to extend my congratulations on producing a very informative and resourceful site dedicated to word puzzles and word games. An excellent addition to the web, one that you should be very proud of. It really is impressive work and a definite bookmark for puzzle fanatics like me.

-- Ben Ciolczynski - Home and Hearth Web Site

Hooray! Had a chance to do the challenge this week.

Also a quick note that I've been meaning to write for a while.  When I was a child, my family went on several cross-country car trips. One of the great "child distracting" games my dad played with us was a game he called "Higgledy Piggledy."  It was much like rhyme 'n reason, except that you had to indicate the number of syllables in your rhyming pair along with the clue.  So, a pair of one-syllable rhymers was a hig-pig, a two-syllable pair was a higgy-piggy, and so forth. A second rule was that clue had to be a pair of synonyms (or semi-synonyms) in the right order. (For example, the hig-pig "pack grandfathers" might be BOX CLOCKS.)   We would play for hours, until someone just couldn't form a new and interesting rhyme or was too brain-dead to come up with a clue. Those trips were always fun, and I think that much of the reason I enjoy your puzzles so much arises from those times.

So, once again, thanks,

-- Wendi

Dear Adrian,

I love the Uncommon word game!   Keep 'em coming.  Regards,

-- Maya

This (Uncommon) is possibly one of the most addictive games I've ever played!

-- Katy Appleton

I use your Rhyme-n-Reason Puzzles with the third and fourth grade students and your puzzles have made me a hero!   I have had to set up a file with puzzles that we haven't done to use if I don't get a chance to check your new ones.  The exercise of solving your puzzles is the high point of the students' day!  The discussions of word usage has sparked the children's imagination and I have high hopes that when they face the state writing exam this next year that they will have a richer vocabulary because of the exercises.  Thank you from sunny Florida!

Jeanne A. Graham,
Teacher's Aide
Hallmark Elementary School,
Pensacola, Florida

I stumbled onto your site three days ago. I used the ten word quiz in my 8th grade class 2 days ago. Was wondering if I could use your material for weekly vocabulary building at Crest Middle School in Kincaid, KS 66039? I have 25 8th graders, and 24 7th graders. What kind of cooperative agreement would be acceptable to you.

-- Forrest Brandt

Great web site! It is fun, interesting and tickles my ancient brain cells. Thanks very much for my new daily surf site! You've been doing this since 1995? Please don't stop now. So much garbage on the web -- yours is a shining exception.

Thanks again,

-- K Forte

Re: The Spectral Quiz

Hello Adrian:  What a whopper of a puzzle! My dictionary and thesaurus got a workout like they've not seen before! What a brain twister. I enjoyed every minute working on this one.  Word Origami is my favorite of the regular puzzles. Marvelous!

--Thanks, Rosemarie

Hi. I am a high school Literature Teacher. I was looking for a short story to use on my birthday when I give them a treat. As I surfed the web, I found your story "A Clump of Woops".... Thanks for a wonderful story and a great website.

-- Pam Simms

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