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Check out our ever-growing list of challenging and educational BioQuizzes Go head-to-head in THE BRAINSLIDER -- a game of significant digits, and noggin nudging trivia (2 players and shockwave plug-in required)

has provided regular game features to Barbara Feldman's website and newsletter, Surfing the Net with Kids. Many of our Flash applications are easily syndicated. Issuing a new game is as simple as changing one text file on your server!

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Harry Potter Game Show Quiz created by Hoadworks.


hoadworks is a proud Partner in Education of the Read In Foundation Inc. The Read In Foundation, in collaboration with its sponsors and partners promotes and encourages global literacy and the use of telecommunications in education. hoadworks is providing the Read In! with web design and content, and educational games and activities that promote Active Reading. Have a look at the Active Reader Zone!


With an archive of 7 years of wordgames, Hoadworks can provide fun and challenging word games for your website or publication. Hoadworks' puzzles and word play have been published on Garfield Games, Crossword America and one Anu Garg's Wordserver.

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