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 Hoadworks' Rhyme-n-Reason@Random and Keyword servers received an Editor's Choice Award from We've added these features to the Bookhooks resources page Hoadworks, words are a big deal...
Word Hold 'Em

Word Hold' Em. Word Hold'Em combines the excitement and drama of Texas Hold'Em Poker and the heady challenge of Scrabble-like word-building!

Click on the image at right to play the print version. Play solo, or invite a friend to play head-to-head!

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Avocabo Vocabulary Series by HoadworksTeachers: Challenge your high school English students with vocabulary units from the Avocabo Series. Give them a try with our latest Avocabo Unit, Beautiful Words, Words from the Harry Potter Series, Deadly Sinful Words, or an old standby such as Words From Around the Globe. Submit your own suggested wordlists, or ask how your students can create their own Avocabo units--a challenging and rewarding exercise!


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The Poem Repair Shop Radio Show
Giving voice to young writers...

The Poem Repair Shop, a showcase for aspiring writers, poets and journalists, airs live Thursdays 4-5 p.m. (NEW TIME!) on CFRU 93.3. This literary show features poetry, stories and editorial readings, author interviews, a local writing-events calendar--The Muse News Cafe--book reviews, word play and lots of great independent music. You are invited to come and be a part of this program! If you can't make it to Guelph, we invite aspiring writers to submit work (written, for us to read, or audio files of you reading your original work) for consideration. The show is produced by Adrian Hoad-Reddick in collaboration with his English and media students. Teachers: let us help you produce an hour-long show with your class!

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