what shall I name the new circus giraffe?

poem by Adrian Hoad-Reddick
illustration by Ashley Mansfield

What shall I name the new Circus giraffe?

It's a serious question. Why do you laugh?
A man from the Lakewater Zoo
Visited our Circus with animals, a few:
A monkey, two horses, and the giraffe,
And a warbling bird called a chiffchaff.
The Circus took the monkeys, a horse and the long-necked beast
But warbling chiffchaffs we need not in the least.
"Since she's outgrown her cage, she's been a terrible wretch,
She needs a place where she can stretch, stretch, stretch, STRETCH!
In her cage at the zoo," said the Zooman, a decent old fellow,
"Her neck fold in eighths like an accordian's bellows!"
"Giraffes like to reach, they strain and they crane.
Giraffes don't like to bend, stoop, or nod, that's plain.
Under the Big Top there is plenty of space.
She'll hold her head high and walk proudly with grace."
So as I've been saying, the giraffe's now with us,
And the Zooman went Zooward on the 4:30 bus.
And the thin-legged giraffe is scampering about,
She's pleased to be here, of that there's no doubt.
She's lolloping around the wide Circus rings
And sticking her snout in the high trapeze swings,
She's drinking from the high diver's pools,
This spotted creature doesn't know that the Circus has rules!
She's taunting the jaguars, and teasing the bear,
She twisted the tail on the old Circus mare.
And the Ringmaster's hat she nipped and then took
He roared "What a pain in the neck! Our Giraffe is a crook!" 
How will this troublesome Giraffe be tamed?
First things first, she'll have to be named!
What shall I name the new Circus giraffe?
It's a serious question. Why do you laugh?

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