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The Vocabaret: Beguiling Word Play

I've rooted through ten years of Wordly-Wise and Vocabaret archives to compile my most popular word games in one book.
The Vocabaret: Beguiling Word Play will provide guaranteed vocabulary-boosting disguised as fun and challenge, including:
  • crossword puzzles;
  • word searches;
  • innovative letterbanking challenges;
  • new twists on some of Lewis Carroll's favourite word puzzles; 
  • samples of the originals: Rhyme'n'Reason and KeyWord
  • Juxtaposition (Adrian's favourite)
  • over thirty original titles, game tested on Adrian's listservers;
  • massive puzzles such as the popular A Stampede of Carniverbs, the Idiom Analysis Test  and A Colourful Quiz;
  • Word Hold'Em, combining Texas Hold'Em poker and Scrabble word building


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