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Port Authority

Not just any port* word in a storm! The following clues will help you to navigate to the best port* word.

1. luggage handler (6)
2. euphemism for fat (6)
3. heiress in 'A Merchant of Venice', or satellite of Uranus (6)
4. grand entryway, or small vein supplying the liver (6)
5. overland trek between navigable waterways (7)
6. sign of something about to happen (7)
7. roofed walkway leading to an entrance (7)
8. westernmost country of mainland Europe (8)
9. likeness of a person (8)
10. conveniently transported, like a laptop computer (8)
11. often an admissions requirement for arts students (9)
12. it bars entry to the castle via the gate (10)
13. large travelling bag, or kind of word in 'The Jabberwocky'(11)
14. large steak (11)

Bonus clue: historically, a book of sea routes and sailing
directions (8)

Answers: (no peeking!)

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