Presidential Parade
by Adrian Hoad-Reddick


1. He was the first president to be impeached and was acquitted in the Senate by just one vote; he is the only president not to have any type of schooling
5. He was president during the War of 1812 which his critics named HIS war; both of his vice presidents (George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry) died in office
6. He was the oldest man elected president; he appointed the first woman to the supreme court, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
7. He made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which led to the end of World War II; he approved the creation of NATO
9. He survived the first attempt to assassinate a president; he was the first president to ride on a railroad train, the first to be born in a log cabin and the first president to be nominated by a political party
12. During his term, the Panama Canal treaties and the Camp David Accord were signed; defeated in 1981
14. While in office, he was the first president to visit both Alaska and Canada; 29th President
15. He received the Pulitzer Prize for his book, "Profiles in Courage."; served exactly 1,000 days in office
16. He was the first president to live in the White House--then referred to as the Executive Mansion; died on July 4, 1826, the same day as his friend and political rival Thomas Jefferson
20. The only president to be elected unanimously; he never lived in DC, although he was interested in the construction of the city and brought property in DC
21. He served one month, the shortest term of any president; he was the first candidate to have a campaign slogan---"Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too."
23. He ended Reconstruction and withdrew federal troops from the South
27. He was the second president to be impeached; he was elected Governor of Arkansas for five terms
28. He signed the Compromise Measure of 1850, which included the Fugitive Slave Act
31. He is the only president to have been elected to two non-consecutive terms; during his term, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in New York Harbor
32. He was president when Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs; 30th President
33. He is the only president to have resigned; the SALT agreement passed while he was in the White House
34. He was the first president to have a presidential car; he was the first president to go to the Supreme Court after his presidency


1. He is the first president whose father was also president; at the time of his inauguration, all of the former presidents except for Washington were still alive (3 words)
2. He was the first president to be assassinated. he was shot five days after the end of the Civil War
3. On September 19, 1881, after only serving a few months in office, he became the second president to be assassinated; he was the last president born in a log cabin
4. He was the only president never to be married; during his term, the Confederate States of America declared their independence
8. He was the first president to be widowed and re-married; he was nicknamed "His Accidency," due to the way in which he assumed office
9. He wanted to be remembered not for his Presidency but for the roles he played in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom and the University of Virginia
10. He was president during the California gold rush; he helped settle the Northwest boundary of the United States
11. He was the first president born as a United States citizen; 8th President (2 words)
13. He was the allied commander of the D-Day invasion; he was responsible for the creation of NASA
14. During his term as President, Adolph Hitler came into power, and he was president during the 1929 Stock Market Crash
17. He dedicated the Washington Monument on February 21, 1885; 21st President
18. While he was in office, the United States fought in World War I, despite his campaigning against it; awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to world peace
19. He presided over the American invasion of Panama and his son will become the 42nd U.S. President
22. He was the first president to win the Nobel Peace Prize; he was awarded it for the Russo-Japanese Treaty
24. His nickname was "Old Rough and Ready," due to his slovenly dress; 12th President 3/5/1849 - 7/9/1850
25. During his term, the United States was involved in the Spanish-American War; 25th President; assassinated in 1901
26. He was the first president to memorize his inaugural address and recite it from memory; 14th President, 3/4/1853 - 3/3/1857
28. He issued Richard Nixon a presidential pardon in 1974; he gave amnesty to Vietnam War resisters
29. He agreed to purchase Florida from Spain in 1819; in the election of 1820, he received all but one vote from the electoral college
30. Even though he had throat cancer, he finished his memoirs and had them published with the help of Mark Twain; 18th President, 3/4/1869 -3/3/1877


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