Icebound Words Crossword
by Adrian Hoad-Reddick

Each of the answer words contain the letters "ice"


1. Wonderland visitor
2. refrigerator
5. they direct traffic and arrest criminals
9. usually black chewy candy made from a root
11. feel great delight
13. rehearse, as a team before the game
15. pepper, nutmeg, or cinnamon
16. to tempt or attract
20. you roll these when playing many board games
21. a bunt in baseball that advances the base runner
22. city in SE France
24. Italian city with canals
25. person who is learning a trade or skill
27. cereal grain very popular in Asia
28. large building
30. option
31. two times
32. wedge-shaped piece of pie or cake
33. beginner


1. greed
3. lack of courage
4. constable; member of the police force
5. the cost or value of something
6. an itemized bill of sale
7. three of them ran up the clock
8. arm muscles that bend the elbow
10. a place where business takes place
12. drink that comes in orange, apple or pineapple types
13. a cliff; or the brink of a steep decline
14. what Ann Landers gives in her columns
17. three-horned dinosaur
18. crack or fissure (as in a glacier)
19. a truce or peace agreement
20. toothpaste
21. work done for another, or for the community
23. drinking cup (or the cup-like interior of a flower)
26. act of judging people on how they appear
29. kind of lettuce; or a fragment broken off a glacier


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