The Fourth Task: A Goblet of Fire Crossword
MUGGLE VERSION by Adrian and Kate Hoad-Reddick


3. name that Sirius tells the children to refer to him by in their conversations
5. Hogwarts' newest teacher of the Dark Arts
8. employees of the Department of Mysteries, top-secret agents like Bode and Croaker
9. a popular drink at Hogwarts
12. an unforgivable curse, bringing death (2 words)
15. acronym of Hermione's Hogwarts' crusade
16. where Dumbledore stores his memories and ideas
17. Hagrid-sized Headmistress (2 words)
20. Hogsmeade pub (2 words)
22. Headmaster of Durmstrang
27. Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports (2 words)
30. this magical object selects the Triwizard competitors (3 words)
31. Quidditch World Cup winning country
33. object used as a magical transportation device
34. Beauxbaton's part-Veela and Triwizard champion (2 words)
36. Snape threatens to use this truth potion on Harry


1. this substance burns Hermione's hand when she opens her hate mail (2 words)
2. a wizard school in France
3. Potions Master and Harry-hater
4. house-elf that loves getting socks for presents
5. she helps Harry with Task Two from her taps
6. species of dragon that Harry faces in Task One
7. he oversees the weighing of the wands
10. nasty 'poison pen' journalist (2 words)
11. Bulgarian Quidditch team mascot
13. Victor Krum's school
14. one of Hogwarts' champions; he is tied for first after the Second Task
18. they witness the rescue in Task Two
19. Harry summons this to achieve Task One
21. diving Quidditch move perfected by Victor Krum (2 words)
23. Hagrid's dog
24. he imprisoned his son in Azkaban (2 words)
25. an unforgivable curse, giving total control over the cursed
26. creature that tries to stop the competitors in Task Two
28. magical creature that Hagrid's substitute teacher, Professor Grubbly-Plank, brings to class
29. racial insult against those who are not purebred witches; Malfoy repeatedly calls Hermione this
32. deformed lobster-like creatures with exploding back ends
35. Mad-Eye Moody was one, and he thinks that Harry and Hermione have the skills to be one


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