The History of the Information Machine
by Adrian Hoad-Reddick,


1. The information superhighway
3. Simple programming language for beginners
5. Windows company
6. He developed the UNIVAC computer (with 13 Down)
8. His Analytical Engine and Difference Engines were early mechanical computers
9. Microsoft's GUI operating system modelled after the Mac's
11. Company that introduced the Macintosh in 1984
17. Pioneering computer games company
18. The number system used by computers
20. Physics lab in Geneva now famous for being the home of the World Wide Web
21. Presidents of IBM, Thomas ________ Sr., and Thomas ________ Jr.
22. He pioneered the mouse as a pointing device (in 1965!)
24. Errors in programs are called these
27. He developed Lotus 1-2-3 and revolutionized the spreadsheet (2 words)
28. The science of flight dynamics -- wartime calculations in this required computers
30. Punched card pioneer who started the Tabulating Machine Company
31. A pointing device (they now come in wireless and optical varieties)


2. IBM's motto
3. 8 bits = 1 ______
4. The part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing
7. Early programming language, specifically for business applications
10. Term for systems that render text and images on screen as they will appear in print.
11. A step-by-step solution to a problem
12. Early Atari video game introduced in 1974
13. EDVAC/UNIVAC developer (with 6 Across)
14. Apple co-founder - one of the Steves
15. Analog computing ace who wrote "As We May Think" in the 1945 Atlantic Monthly - envisioning a 'memex' which is strikingly similar to today's computer and Internet (2 words)
16. It replaced the vacuum tube, and ushered in the era of integrated chips
18. He developed MS-DOS and heads up one of the world's largest companies. (2 words)
19. Apple co-founder, with 14 Down (2 words)
23. International computer language eclipsed by FORTRAN.
25. Computer language - FORmula TRANslator - developed by John Backus in 1953
26. Name given to the most popular keyboard configuration (named after the arrangement of keys in the top row...)
29. Acronym by which we now know the Tabulating Machine Company


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